It's already March? 

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Time flies when you are busy! Just a quick update to our clients on availability. I have just finished the project in Manchester for a client. Now I get the chance to do some work indoors, which is great as it is still raining here! Following this I will be out and about for a couple of weeks on the embalming circuit. Late March and early April will be taken up with a further archaeology project. Late April, it is off to New Zealand as Keynote Speaker for the New Zealand Embalming Association Meeting. As always, I will also be working on human vs animal ID cases, along with any emergent forensic cases that come up as we go along.

UPDATE: Due to lockdowns in the UK and elsewhere taking place a week after this was written, most of this did not go ahead. A lot of rescheduling, painting my nails and discovering Diamond Dots occurred, with a sprinkling of volunteering work and some archaeology.

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