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During the current coronavirus lockdown, it has been business as usual here at Davenport Forensics. We have just finished another very interesting survey for a client which has meant two weeks of being baked by the sun outdoors. Not one to complain about getting to enjoy the sun while serving the interests of our clients though, apart from managing to burn despite wearing sunscreen. I am using my time between contracts to work through a variety of research that I have undertaken in previous years to prepare it for publishing, as well as making the initial arrangements for the BAHID Winter Conference, in the hopes that all will be back to normal by that time.

During the current global pandemic I have been keeping in touch with friends and colleagues from across the globe, some of whom are in countries who are getting back to normal and others that are bracing themselves for what is still to come. Everyone I talk to has been affected in some way, whether it be through working directly in the path of the virus as a key worker, shielded as a vulnerable person, lost their jobs or work, or put on furlough. There are those that have had family of friends who have had the virus, or worse, lost someone close to them. The world has become a very scary place for many due to an invisible threat that at present we cannot fully defend ourselves against. We can take precautions in regularly washing hands, wearing gloves and masks where appropriate, and staying inside as much as possible. However there are many in the world that cannot. So I ask, while those of you that can shelter away from others and have free access to the basic amenities such as water in your life, think of those in places where this is not possible. Where not only do you not have ready access to water, but you also live 15 people to a room, have limited food and no income due to the lockdowns in place. Think of how terrifying it is for those who are too young to understand, are uneducated, or suffer with Dementia or Alzheimers. Think of those who have less, rather than complaining of boredom or not being able to see friends/family that are safe in their own homes. Think of all those who have no choice but to help fight this illness in hospitals and carehomes, the delivery drivers, supermarket staff, funeral services, emergency personnel and many more. Be thankful you are safe and think of those that are not.

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