Following numerous recommendations from colleagues working within various sectors of human identification to go freelance with my work, Davenport Forensics was set up in 2019. This has enabled the provision of expertise on an international level, whether it be for casework, training or conference presentations. 
I am a forensic anthropologist and archaeologist who consults for Blake Emergency Services and CRICC. I have been a Royal Anthropological Institute certified FA-III anthropologist since 2015, and a member of the UK-DVI Forensic Anthropology cadre since February 2019. I was awarded my doctorate in 2018 in biological and physical anthropology and hold a first class honours degree in forensic anthropology. I am the Honorary Secretary for the British Association for Human Identification, a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and Member of the British Association for Forensic Anthropology. My recent work has involved consulting for LP Archaeology, BBC Arabic, Merseyside Police and three deployments to work on an air disaster in Ethiopia.


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